“Sue Lenier writes a poem faster than you can write a check. Measured by quality it doesn’t bounce.”
“This is a remarkable book and her poetic assurance is notable … There is no doubt that she is an exciting and unconventional poet”
“A poet so prolific she seems possessed … “Her poems compare well with anything written in English in this century.””
“Sue Lenier’s lines erupt with many strange, some brilliantly surprising expressions.”
“The fastest poet on legs ... Sue Lenier: Master-poet and Virginia Woolf look-alike.”
BBC Radio Three
Critics Forum
“a very attractive play, which has so much to offer in comment about our own times.”
“Sue Lenier is the playwright which is all the information anyone who saw her last year’s Knight Fall needs to send him lickety-spit down to the Mandela Theatre. Lenier walks worthily in the Twain-Thurber tradition.” 
“A fine, new satirical treatment of the Quest for the Grail ... has the stuff of greatness, moving between slapstick, satire and high spirituality.” 
Review 88  “Thought-provoking contemporary analogies are combined with wonderfully comic moments in this already highly-acclaimed play, which I recommend you to see.”
“A very, very funny play … A show which kept me laughing for ages afterwards. Strongly recommended.”