Who's In It

Brigit Forsyth (Geoffrey's Heart)

John Biggins (Geoffrey)

Erica Eirian (Timmy / Traffic warden)

Ella Hood (Wendy)

Russell Gomer (Chris / Policeman)

Robert David (Store manager)

Poduced by Alison Hindell, current Head of BBC Radio Drama



John Biggins (Lead Balloon, The Thick of It) played Geoffrey

Brigid Forsyth (Thelma in Whatever happened to the Likely Lads) played Geoffrey’s Heart


What Happens

Geoffrey's got a dodgy heart and is under orders to stay at home. He hates the idea. And so does his wife. And his heart's none too thrilled either.

When It Was

A FOOL AND HIS HEART was transmitted on BBC Radio 3 at 9.30 p.m. on Tuesday 24th September 1991