Where It's Been

Sex War Theatre at the MandelaTheatre, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 

What's It Like?
MAN TWO: Grown a child yet?


MAN ONE: No, soil’s wrong. I fed, watered, nursed those seeds ... for what? I got something started once. Thought it was a child. I ran, danced, sacrificed. Know what it was?




MAN ONE: Carrot.

What They Said...

“A sardonic feminist anticipation of the relations of man and woman abounding in effectively-taken ironic encapsulations of male and (occasionally) female self-delusion ... Lenier walks worthily in the Twain-Thurber tradition ...” - Owen Dudley-Edwards, The Scotsman

“Thought-provoking contemporary analogies are combined with wonderfully comic moments in this already highly-acclaimed play, which I recommend you to see.” -Review 88

What happens?

Two men find themselves alone in a barren world. They manage to trap a woman. And then their troubles really start ... 

One female, two male characters.

Translated into Flemish by Alice Holemans, Eden Song has also been produced in Belgium