What happens

2250. The world is dominated by women. Only a few specimens of men are kept, in suspended animation, for entertainment or biological research. 

Laine is a historian, specialising in the study of mankind, fascinated by their decline and fall. She lives with Marshie, who despises academia, preferring sex and shopping.

Laine is distraught. The museum which holds the suspendeds is closing and all the men will be destroyed. She takes matters into her own hands, steals a man and stores him in her flat. He stands in suspended animation while she waits for him to melt.

By the time Marshie arrives home and objects, the man is semi-thawed. They are frightened but fascinated as he starts to revive. But the theft is illegal and the man must stay hidden in the flat. 

Neither anticipates his revival will pitch them first against each other, then against wider society. 

Where it's been

Stellar Network first reading at The Actors Centre London and shortlisted for Pitch Up at Channel 4 2009

Scriptspace reading at The Space Theatre Mudchute 2010

The Script Readers at Stratford East Theatre 2010





Derek has been in suspended animation for two hundred years. Laine, mistakenly believing he is her Uncle George, has just revived him ... 
LAINE Listen carefully, Uncle George. Since you were suspended, there’s been some social changes. Men have been almost entirely eradicated. You might even be the last living example...
MARSHIE Congratulations, Uncle George!
LAINE I suspect there’s one or two in biological research.
He gives a brief howl.
MARSHIE He’s not taking this well.
LAINE It’s a simple matter of evolution. Once men were biologically redundant…
Is this the moment?
LAINE We asked ourselves, what’s the point? Look at your record. You started wars, fought over territory…
MARSHIE Got people pregnant…
LAINE Raped, mutilated…
MARSHIE Never cleaned the toilet.