LAINE You made yourselves unpopular. Mass unpopularity, biological redundancy. . . hardly a recipe for evolutionary success. So while your fellow suspendeds were being flung on a bonf.. 
MARSHIE (Whispers) Donít tell him that!
LAINE Were being . . . recycled. You were lucky. You were rescued, By me. At some considerable personal risk. 


I donít need your thanks. And here you are in your new home, where we hope youíll be very happy. And Iím sure you will be - if you comply with a few simple house rules, like not throwing plates. And never leave the flat. If you doÖ
MARSHIE Donít tell him that..
LAINE Surely he needs to know?
MARSHIE Heís nervous enough.

They both look at him, slumped over.
LAINE  (Quietly) How do you think that went?
MARSHIE WellÖ(Tactful) I liked the bit about evolution.
LAINE Heís a bit upset
MARSHIE Itís a lot to take in.
LAINE Talk to him, Marshie. Youíre more on his level.
She starts to clear up the plates, going into the kitchen. Marshie looks uncertain and smiles nervously. Derek lifts his head and looks at her. 
DEREK Prisoner.
MARSHIE No, youíre not, donít worry.
DEREK Right to a phone call, religious food and drink, freedom from exercise, right to, right to, right to Ö 

He starts to pant and roll his eyes, twitching as if having a fit..
MARSHIE  (Over the above) Laine! Laine! 
LAINE (Running in) Whatís wrong? 
MARSHIE  Heís gone mad! Says heís a prisoner.
LAINE  What?
MARSHIE  And some horrible stuff about rights.
LAINE Uncle George, stop twitching. Listen!
He ignores her.

I said, listen! 

He stops and looks, terrified.

Calmer Youíre not a prisoner. Understand? Not a prisoner.

He nods obediently.
MARSHIE Isnít he?
LAINE Of course heís not.
MARSHIE But he canít leave can he?
LAINE That doesnít make him a prisoner. Youíre our guest, Uncle George, our guest. 

Pause. His head slumps in his arms again. Pause. His head slumps in his arms again.

What else did he say?
MARSHIE Wants a phone call.
LAINE Donít be stupid, whoís he going to ring?
MARSHIE I canít remember it all. He went on and on about his rights. I got the impression the toast was at the bottom of it all.
LAINE Itís ridiculous. Heís a guest, not a prisoner. He hasnít got any rights.